ithaca, ny
student-run grocery store
design, WAY FINDING, casework fabrication
For students, by students. 
Four years in the making, Anabel’s Grocery is an on-campus grocery store providing nutritious, affordable food for all Cornell students. A team of 40+ students reached across disciplines to fill a gap in Cornell’s food system; the need for fresh, affordable groceries on campus.
In a 900 square foot space that previously held a small library, the grocery store speaks to its mission through transparent, bright, and efficient design. Student-designed and built casework navigates the checkout counter, providing storage, display space, and two registers. Metal wire shelving on wheels provides the flexibility and openness necessary for a small store to showcase a wide spectrum of products. The store intends to serve as a connective space, promoting food literacy and building community around food.
Completed May 2017 in collaboration with Cornell University Architecture and Engineering.
Store design led by Alexandra Donovan, Alisa Tiong, Christopher Andras, and Anders Evenson, as well as check out area design and construction.


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