Watertown, MA
innovative play
The 2016 Sasaki Intern Charrette explored the future of play through research, site visits, design, and play itself. Between sixteen interns and two weeks of intensive investigation, the team developed a vision to reactivate a portion of the Charles River park in Watertown, MA. Groundswell is an undulating landscape that hosts play for all ages and creates meaningful interaction through the riverfront park. The forms mimic and sweep towards the river, fostering accessible circulation and user engagement throughout.
Through parametric design, Groundswell is easily produced from sheet material to be replicated in a wide spectrum of contexts, while remaining absolutely customizable to any site. This work was proudly presented alongside exhibitions that profile playscapes at Sasaki Associates and the Design Museum Boston and contributes to the growing discourse of how design can take a leading role in fostering play.
summer 2016
sasaki intern charrette
16 interns, two weeks of playscape design

Illustration by Wei Wei


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