library of resilience
Long Island City, New York
public library
The role of the library in the digital age is in flux. Libraries of the future must meet needs beyond the physical book. Along Long Island City’s waterfront, this library is a living, breathing heart of the city’s library system and the education system more broadly. To present the storage of books and the programs within as openly as possible, double layered walls of shelving create a 7-story  atrium. The density of books in the collection acts as a meter of the presence of the physical book; the importance placed on printed material will translate into the physical conditions of the library as the changing porosity affects light and visibility from the interior and exterior. The building is infinitismally layered, susceptible to changes in atmosphere and light. As sea levels inevitably rise, the ground floor of the library may flood, transitioning to wetlands before becoming completely submerged, and the entrance readapts on the second level. Programmed spaces focus on intergenerational community enrichment.
spring 2016
Professor david moon
Building in a City, City in a Building


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