Existing library analysis
Stadtbibliotek, Stuttgart, Germany
To commence a studio about the library and its evolving role in the age of digital technology and revolutions in information storage and dissemination, an existing library was critically investigated through drawing and models. The Stuttgart Stadtbibliotek operates with a hybrid system of human and mechanized components. An automated book delivery core distributes books between floors, from which library staff manually facilitate book circulation to the stacks. One drawing explores this system through the lens of service circulation, while the second drawing speculates about the performative, theatre-like nature of the central atrium. The visitors’ voyeuristic experience is defined by browsing for books as a means “to see and be seen,” narrowing your focus to the introverted space within and the sky above.
A collaboration with Sisi Yu.
Professor DAVID MOON
Building in a City, City in a Building


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