Ramberg, Lofoten Islands, Norway
sauna and beach infrastructure
Lofoten is a remote archipelago and traditional district in the northern reaches of Norway, characterized by spectacularly steep mountains, rocky bays, and white sand beaches along the Artic Ocean. Challenged by an increase in tourism, the Lofoten community is keenly aware that they need to better prepare themselves with infrastructure and community space to support both local lifestyle and touristic interests. One of three proposed interventions in Flakstad, Lofloten responds to a need for subtle beach infrastructure in Ramberg that withstands a spectrum of visitors and weather conditions in this intense climate. The project provides beach access, shelter, hanging storage, and showers, with a timber sauna at its heart and an accesible roof for stargazing and views of the Northern Lights.
A collaboration with Catie Ely, Shawn Xiaoyun Wang, Russell Southard + Aya Mears
spring 2017
Professors Mark Cruvellier, Dagur Eggertsson & Sami Rintala
Small scale, site-specific interventions in vast landscapes
outdoor shower
outdoor shower
high tide
high tide


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